About Me

Hey There! My name is Robert and I'm a Front End developer orginally from Orange County. Most recently I worked at GumGum in Santa Monica as a Product Design Engineer. I am a 2015 graduate from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelors degree in Business Economics. After a year in retail management, I pursued my real passion, programming. I have created several web applications along the way am an eager to continue to work on my craft and get better each and every day. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, and going to the beach.

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Site created for Clutchgrowth, a Digital Marketing Agency. The website was created using Wordpress and changes were made using HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Wordpress, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Charty McChart Chart

A React web application with the aim to provide users with a free resource to create stunning visual graphs. Utilizing the Chart.js library, Charty allows users to add images, patterns, and other modifications to their charts. Users can manually input each data point or upload a csv file that charty can parse. Once complete the user can download a png.

React.js, Javascript, Chart.js ,Bootstrap, Netlify

Rob's Flashcards

A React web application that allows authenticated users to create sets of flashcards to study. Users are able to test themselves and mark answers as correct. Scores are stored for each set as well as average time taken to complete a set.

React.js, Javascript, Materialize, Firebase


A web application that compares the estimated prices and wait times of Uber and Lyft in real time using both API's. All Data that has been collected is presented to the user.

Ruby on Rails, D3.js


A web application that allows users to create, edit, and delete wikis depending on their membership, free or premium.

Ruby on Rails


A website similar to that of Reddit. Users have the capability of upvoting and downvoting posts, creating and commenting on posts, and saving posts as favorites.

Ruby on Rails

Rob Chat

Rob Chat is a web application that allows users to chat with one another in real time. It is written in AngularJS and uses Firebase for data storage.

AngularJS, Firebase

Bloc Jams

Bloc Jams is a music playing web application written is Javascript and JQuery.

Javascript, JQuery

Blog Entries

A look into my journey as a software developer.

  • Preparing for the Job Hunt

    It is crazy to think that I am about to start the job hunt.

  • Languages

    Throughout my time at Bloc I've learned so many different languages, way more than I expected.

  • Learning Curves

    Throughout this entire learning process there have definitely been ups and downs.

  • Goals as a Developer

    I think that everyone has a pretty similar goal in their life, and that is to be successful...

  • Experience with Bloc

    I’ve been at Bloc for almost a month and it’s been crazy to see how much I’ve learned...

  • Developer Challenges

    I think that there are several challenges to learning how to develop, i’ll go over three of the big ones I’ve had trouble with so far...