Throughout my time at Bloc I've learned so many different languages, way more than I expected. We began with the basics of course with HTML and CSS, which is necessity to develop any web application. Then I began to learn Javascript, and with it my websites went from being static to having functionality.

Learning Javascript was an interesting experience. Previously I had learned the basics of ruby, which is probably the most forgiving language that I've learned. Javascript had many differences, ones that at the time I felt were odd, but after learning a few other languages have become quite standard. The curly brackets or braces ({}) were new to me when using a loop, so the fact that I had to throw those in was quite different. Also when calling an if statement I had to wrap the condition in parenthesis, which was something I was not used to. Of all the things though, forgetting a semi-colon after an expression was the most frustrating. It has become second nature now, but at the time it was quite frustrating when I got an error, and I'd be confused as far as what went wrong.

Next up was Ruby, and I would recommend this language to anyone trying to learn how to code. As mentioned earlier ruby is a very forgiving language. There is no declaration of a var, no need to describe the type (int, String, Bool), but most importantly it is very readable. Someone with no programming can make a pretty strong guess as to what a method is doing just by reading the syntax. Then when I got into Ruby on Rails, I truly so how powerful and useful the language was.

Through the University of California, Irvine, I began to take classes for a Mobile Development Certification. One of the languages taught was Java, which is currently the most popular programming language in the world. Here I saw how strict it can be. It has a lot of similarities to Javascript with the curly braces and the semi-colons however you must always declare the Object type in order to avoid an error. I'm currently still learning the basics of the language, but it seems like a very powerful language, and one that I may be utilizing in the future.

I learned many other languages such as Node.js, Angular.js, and SQLite. From what I learned about all these languages is that they are all similar in terms of logic, however they differ in syntax. In my opinion, as long as your understand the logic, you will be able to write in virtually any programming language.